Mar 5, 2009

Darwin 200

Charles Robert Darwin was born on 12 February 1809 was an English naturalist who realised and presented compelling evidence that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors, through the process he called natural selection. Charles Darwin's ideas triggered a revolution in the understanding of how species evolve. His evolution with time has evolved as a evolutionary technique which is adapted in all recent developments.

In our day to day life we people whish to evolve rather to follow some thing from a whiteboard.

Impact of Darwin In Recent technologies

Information technology

  • Software Development Life cycles(SDLC)
  • Software Testing Life Cycles(STLC)
  • Software delivery life cycle (SDLC)]

  • Process optimization

  • Scheduling of jobs against
  • Scheduling of Machines against resources
  • Plant Layout optimization

  • Flexible manufacturing System(FMS)
  • Agile Manufacturing System
  • Material Handling or Inventory Handling Systems
  • On February 12 world celebrated His Honours 200th Year celebration in the name DARWIN200. In this event Royal Mail an United Kingdom base Post Office planned to release 10 stamps and six of them were released .

    The remaining four aim to build up a contemporary map of the Galapagos islands with pictures of the key species Darwin studied in the 1830s.One Key species is butterflies. Darwin's study says that natural selection is one of the major factor which determines the appearance of an organisms, which is true in butterflies.The evolution of eyes at this location will occur in few animals.

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