Feb 13, 2009


What is video?

Video is compressed way of playing images generally at 1/8 Frames per second (FPS). This 1/8 FPS is the capability of human vision to capture images. Using this calculated time frame the images are displayed and viewed as videos.

What is streaming?

Streaming is the process of buffering and delivering a part of file before the whole multimedia content is delivered to the client machine. The excess data is buffered and transferred to the client browser at fixed/calculated time intervals.

What is Video Streaming?

Video streaming is a process of displaying video files over Internet using streaming technology. This streaming has now-a-days become the most essential for mid level to high end business solutions.

True StreamingHTTP Streaming
A streaming media or video server is a specialized application running in a Internet server, which streams the stored/real time (live) videos. This type of streaming is known as true streaming.Http streaming is the simplest and cheapest way to stream videos. Small to medium-sized websites are more likely to use this method than the more expensive streaming servers. For this method we don't need any special type of website or host —

just a host server which recognizes common video file types (most standard hosting accounts do this). Then we can just upload files and create hyperlinks

  1. The ability to handle much larger traffic loads.

  2. The ability to detect users' connection speeds and supply appropriate files automatically.

  3. The ability to broadcast live events.

We don't need any special type of host or tough streaming solutions.


True video streaming in any form can be an expensive business

  1. Traffic < 10 persons at a time

  2. Requires complete video to be store in server for streaming

  3. Live videos can’t be streamed

  4. Can’t auto detect user connection speed and serve files appropriately. Need to save separate files for different connection speeds.

  5. Incur heavy server load.

How to create TRUE STREAMING

  1. We can purchase a standalone server or we can install any of the streaming server solutions into the one of the existing web servers.

  2. We can also avail these solutions from the ISP’s.

How to create HTTP STREAMING
  1. Create a video file in a common streaming media format

  2. Create a video file in a common streaming media format

  3. Make a simple hyperlink to the video file, or use special HTML tags to embed the video in a web page.

Technologies such as Flash, Flex builder can be used in building TRUE STREAMING.